IIT Interdisciplinary Route to Success

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Published: 29th June 2011
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Itís no secret that IIT graduates get good jobs in india. A closer look, however, reveals that even the mighty IITian needs to be the master of many skills to keep up with the quick- paced development of science and technology in India, and the world.

The fact that the Very Large Scale Integration ( VLSI) Design Tools and Technology course at IIT Delhi is fully sponsored by industries Ė some of which are XP Electronics, NXP, Cadence, Intel, Nokia, and Synopsis ó shows that there is a real demand for the high quality of education IIT offers, specifically in highly specialised, unconventional science and technology courses.

The VLSI Design Tools and Technology course is one of our most popular interdisciplinary programmes, and it attracts some extremely bright students with great ideas. The course straddles the two highly specialised fields of VLSI and Electronic Design Automation ( EDA).

Indian students find top jobs at a wide range of companies in india. The demand for skilled professionals in this field is very big, and growing day by day

Another interesting programme is the MDes in Industrial Design which blends art and science to produce something that is useful and functions (science) and at the same time, looks good and is marketable (art).

IIT Delhi enjoys over 90 collaborations with organisations and institutions in France, Germany, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Korea, China and Ethiopia. In India, it has 50 national agreements with leading industries such as the Department of Atomic Energy, the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Tata Consultancy Services, Media Lab (Asia), Bharti Enterprises and others.

As far as careers go, jobs are as easily available to IITians as they ever were, but the opportunities get more diverse every year in india education.

Unlike B-schools in india, the university doesnít attract a specific type of recruiter. With the variability that 40- odd specialised programmes produces, almost any industry one can think of has a need for IIT students. In fact, the demand is far greater than the number of science and technology students in India.

Check Out These M. Tech. Options

Postgraduate students at IIT- Delhi are encouraged to join these interdisciplinary M.Tech Courses to enhance their employment prospects

Master of Design (MDes) in Industrial Design, M.Tech in Computer Applications, M.Tech in Energy Studies, M.Tech in Energy and Environmental Management, M.Tech in Industrial Tribology and Maintenance Engineering, M.Tech in Instrument Technology, M.Tech in Optoelectronics and Optical Communication, M.Tech in Polymer Science and Engineering, M.Tech in Telecommunication Technology Management, M.Tech in VLSI Design Tools and Technology and MBA in Management.

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